What are the modes of payment for flower & gift deliveries?

1. Customers can make payment by means of using Credit card online

2. Customers can make payment by using Credit / Debit cards in our office

3. Customers can come and pay cash within a week from the date of placing the order

4. Customers can deposit the cash in our account and send us the confirmation copy

Is the Payment gateway is trusted?

Yes, The online Payment Gateway is operated by ETISALAT (UAEs Telecommunication System)

Flower delivered on Saturday & Sunday?

Flowers & Gifts are delivered on all days. This depends upon the COUNTRY. Flowers delivery may not be possible as shops are closed on Saturdays and Sundays especially in Western countries & European countries.

How many days before an order can be placed?

Minimum one day for International orders

Refund policy?

Please refer cancellation of order under service policy

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